Wednesday, August 11, 2010

He Measured, He Cut, He Glued, He Nailed, And.....


I am so very proud of Byron's hard work and persistence with the making of the cabinets for our fishing trailer. It has been 2 years since he ripped the entire kitchen out of our retreat and began his very first woodworking adventure. And even though there was a learning curve, Byron taught himself everything he needed to know to complete this task on his own. I admit, I had my doubts, but Byron amazed me with his talent and tenacity to continue to move forward even when he didn't want to for whatever reason. I hope he is as proud of his work as I am. The cabinets are beautiful and our fishing retreat will be better than ever once we are through with the renovations!

AHH, renovations, yes! Byron and I are planning on redoing to entire place. It is a two bedroom, two bath trailer with a lot of potential of being a great fishing retreat for our family ~ once we get it like we like it, of course! When we take the cabinets up to our lovely retreat, we are going to continue to rip out the remaining bathroom cabinets, carpet, linoleum and removed all the old furniture that the place came with and start over! We will post pics as we go to show you our progress. It should be fun...or a DIY disaster! Hey, maybe we should apply for the show???

Friday, April 30, 2010

Lyndsey's Story - Bullying in School

I am telling my daughter's story because I have found that our schools do very little to protect of children from torment, harassment and just plain bullying. And the bad thing about Lyndsey's story is we, as Lyndsey's parents, were never notified that there was a problem at school - for TWO years. Now, thank goodness we have a very open and honest relationship with Lyndsey and she feels comfortable enough to come to us when she has problems, so we already knew everything, but when the issue arose again this year we finally had enough.

As most of you know the Houston area was hit hard by Hurricane Ike on September 13, 2008. Our schools were closed for approximately three (3) weeks due to damage. Up to this point Lyndsey had been growing her hair out to donate to Locks of Love ( So, during her extended break from school we took the opportunity to have Lyndsey's hair cut and donated.

When Lyndsey returned to school with her short hair the rumors began to fly. All of a sudden she went from a "normal" girl to a lesbian and an "emo" girl (and for those of you who don't know like I didn't, an "emo" girl is one who is depressed and suicidal). Lyndsey was devastated! It really affected her self-confidence and self-esteem. She began to question herself and she said she had to watch every little thing she said because she didn't want people to take it the wrong way. This talk and torment went on for weeks until Lyndsey finally went to one of her PE coaches. Several girls were called in and it became a she said/I didn't said that war. Of course, we were NEVER notified by the coaches, principal or the counselor that any of this was going on (hmmm, wonder if the other girls parents were either?).

As time went on the rumors continued but in a more hush, hush form and Lyndsey learned to ignore it and just stayed among her good friends (and yes, she did lose some "friends" through all this). Once school was out Lyndsey had a few friends in which she hung out with during the summer and she got involved in swimming. Her self-esteem seemed to peek some but never back to where it once was.

Seventh grade begins. Lyndsey was nervous to go back to school in fear of what people might say about her. During the summer months she had refuse to cut her hair, even a trim, because she didn't want it too short. The year begins well. She falls back into a nice routine, makes some new friends and by Thanksgiving has her first "boyfriend," although Byron and I won't allow boyfriends yet so we called him her guy-friend. Anyway, they broke up a few months later, no big deal, until....she is now a bi-sexual and a lesbian. Now this is coming from boys and girls as she sits in class, walks down the hall, or is in PE. She turned in a group of kids, which one was sent to the office - again, we were NOT notified by school officials.

Lyndsey is a straight A student, a member of the Nations Junior Honor Society, a Lady Panther track team member and a all-around great girl who is being bullied for no apparent reason other than because these kids can. And what is so bad, us as parents aren't' being notified when our kids are having these types of issues at school. UNACCEPTABLE!!! I am going to work to change this problem. I am very proud of Lyndsey - she is a strong young lady who is doing things right is how she is handling her situation - but what about the kids who aren't' so strong? Whose parents aren't notified? What about the bully's? What about their parents, are they being notified of their children's actions? Are kids being taught tolerance of others? Are schools really paying attention to the issues at hand? Are parents doing their part? These are questions I want to work to answer and to help solve within our schools. No only for my daughter, but for all the kids affected by bullying!

New Job for Anne - Final Thought

Well everyone - the job announcement was made and it was not in my favor. But, all things happen for a reason and I truly believe that there is something bigger and better out there for me to do (and I have a hunch I have discovered it already). Anyway, thanks for all of you who have weighed in with your thoughts - I really do appreciate it. So - off to the next project at hand....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just Keep Peddling

Oh what a wonderful time we have been having....and a workout - at least for Byron! James now LOVES riding his big boy bike! Byron worked with him for about an hour one day while I was cooking and then here he is the next day at the park by our house showing off his skills! He picked up on bike riding rather quickly for a 4 year old I think and is loving every minute of it - even the spills! He thinks it is fun to crash (especially if Mom falls with him as she did the other day). We are looking forward to family bike rides once James gets a little more steady on his two wheels!

Byron Turned 45!!!

On April 10th we celebrated Byron's 45th birthday! Byron is not into big celebrations, so it was just a small family affair. As you can see, he was presented with a store bought German chocolate cake (after last years catastrophe) donned with as many candles as Lyndsey wanted to put on. Now, we had to be careful not to set off the smoke alarms (notice the slight haze in the picture to the right) so we didn't put all 45 on the cake! Anyway, it was a nice day with just our family. I hope he enjoyed it as much as the kids and I did.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Littlest Friend

Jaxton is our littlest friend that lives across the street. He is just a little over a year old and we were lucky enough to have him over the other morning for a little while. Of course we took advantage of our time with him right before Easter and put some rabbit ears on him and snapped a quick shot. How cute is he?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bringing It Home

So last week I bragged about how well Lyndsey did at her track meet...this week, I am backing it up with video! That's right...I have proof at what a good runner she really! In the video above Lyndsey is in the 400m dash bringing in FIRST place for her team! I was so proud - again!

I also took video of Lyndsey doing the triple jump event (see below). This is very new to her so she is still learning. She scratched her first two jumps but her third was very good. I believe her jump length was 26.4' (but don't quote me on that). He coach is working with her every week to help her improve.